Papaya Salad at Khaosan Road, Thailand

Papaya Salad at Khaosan Road, Thailand

I often mentioned that Thailand is a good food paradise. Streetfood in this country a lot of variety and spread in various places, especially in tourist sites are busy with tourists. One of the busiest areas of tourists is Khaosan Road, because in this region there are many cheap lodging. Therefore, the street clothing and street vendors are also many who open in this area. One of the streetfood that I see and catch my attention when going to Khaosan Road is Papaya Salad.

Papaya Salad or Salad papaya in thai is called som tam. Som tam has the meaning of ‘pounded acid’. If the salads we usually see are mixed with sauceed vegetables, som tam slightly different from the salad. Som tam also consists of various ingredients that are mixed but as the name implies, all the ingredients in som tam, not only mixed but also pounded.

The main ingredient of som tam is the young immature papaya. Papaya used is not the usual papaya that you see in Indonesia but green papaya. Therefore, this salad is also often called the green papaya salad. The immature green papaya tastes sour, textured crispy and a little hard so it will not be easy to crumble when pounded.

When I approached a seller of a tam trader in Khaosan Road, she was making a portion for the buyer. I witnessed the process. First, the green papaya is cut into lengthwise and then inserted into the mortar. Papaya is then added to other main ingredients such as smoothed garlic, chili pieces, palm sugar, fish sauce, hotcakes, tomatoes, lime juice, and cucumber These materials are certainly not foreign to me.

But after the five ingredients are inserted, then inserts one or two small crabs (same skins) that are small. Frankly I was surprised .. so far I have never seen any small crabs that are mixed into a food. After I find out, it turns out the local Thai population is common to add crabs into som tam. The crab is a marinated rice field crab. After all the ingredients are mixed, pound and stir all the ingredients together and become a portion of som tam.

After seeing the process of making som tam, I can already predict how it feels. Acid from papaya and lemon juice, spicy from chili sauce, savory from fried beans and fish sauce, and sweet from palm sugar, everything must feel fit to eat.

I really wanted to try but because my trip in Thailand was still long, I was afraid my stomach ached because I could not resist the sour taste and and even interfere with my activity during there. The container for putting the materials for som tam belonging to the tam seller I met at Khaosan Road was also a bit messy so it seemed less hygienic. But not all sellers are the same as I found, so you do not be afraid to try.

Another option if you want to try som tam is guaranteed cleanliness and delicious, you can buy it at the restaurant. Survey from CNN in 2011 states that som tam is one of the 50 best foods in the world. So, do not hesitate to try when you’re in Thailand

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Travelling along the Phuket City, Thailand

Phuket City View Point

Phuket City View Point

Phuket City View Point, for the first time to Phuket do not have time here so this new destination. We can see a view of Phuket on the altitude really cool and a good place to habe a photo especially selfies.

Karon Temple

Karon Temple

Or also known as Wat Suwan Khiri Khet, when you want to ride to Phuket City View Point will pass this Temple so stay down a little. Here are the Big Buddha statue as well but not as big as the original Big Buddha, and his Temple also has a high rung, I want to try to ride but since it was early so I undo intention.


Old Phuket Town

I believe in every city / country I visited there was one part that has an old building type or also called Old Town. in Phuket, there are so many old building of the past. As this case same like Bandung Braga street. Old Phuket Town is also in change functioned for cultural attractions and shopping, many fabric stores here, and some are selling Indonesia Batik, because thirst had bought Red Thai Tea and Thai language called Cha Yen, Cha = tea, Yen = Brown. And certainly use milk, costing 20 baht.

Madunan Souvenir / Gift Shop

The first time to Phuket I was here so memorized by this place and habits in this shop. The first time we entered will be picked up by one of his employees and they will explain beforehand history and way of shopping here. here mostly sold shirt and other public souvenir but here at a price tag of cheap from other souvenirs in Phuket start from 10-500 baht.


Pornthip Phuket

This place sold a souvernir for food in dry, from fruit and until vegetables in dried. You will see dried durian and many more, I like here because a lot of free tester so do not buy also already can taste the food.

It is located opposite the Madunan so you stay rotary direction only.

Big C Food Court Phuket

Big C Food Court Phuket

Well since entered the lunch hour at around 13:00 pm, we take to a place to eat that is unique and cheap at Big C Food Court is located in a Mall. forgot his name but I think in every mall in phuket will have place like this. Payment systems we use the deposit, I deposit 200 baht at its counter and then given a card for payment. Now just select eats what Stand2 food court here rate of 30-100 baht.

I choose Boiled and Fried Chicken With Rice for 50 baht, its unique Rice in Phuket, almost all of her Sticky Rice tablets. Then give the payment card to the clerk stand he would swipe the card was issued print out the remaining balance of the card: D

Sribhurapa Orchid Farm

Sribhurapa Orchid Farm

This is a friend of processing Cashew Nut, yup Phuket is famous for the production of Cashew her so this is one of the companies that process it, why are mandatory here because we could try tester free lots to the full without having to buy. There are a variety of flavors from the usual fried, spicy , chocolate, onions, durian, etc.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong

You maybe would’ve never heard about this temple right, because this is the largest temple complex in Phuket. Because before been here so I’ve memorized about the route and coincidentally again there is some ceremony for lighter vegetarian so many firecrackers here. There are two main buildings that must visit here, which is one of the tallest buildings and will be the nicest place to have a photo and the other one the largest buildings usually have some sort pray here, those who wear shorts obliged to wear some sort of fabric herein is provided.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha

Well this is one more destination to Phuket is mandatory if the largest Buddha Thailand statue, it’s located on the hill from far we could’ve wrote this clay sculpture. Because of its path towards the Wat Chalong so easy to find. Once its over for you guys who wear shorts to wear fabrics that are provided free of charge.

Yes Big Buddha complex is still in the process of renovation, but its Buddha statues stood firm, here is also determined as the point 0 KM from Phuket, and we could see Phuket from elevation view cool.

Entry into the complex there are monks who invite the visitor to get a Blessing of himself and get some sort of bracelet, do not forget to give donations.

Go back again inside the complex which are still built, there is a unique where we can donate money for development in return we can get some sort of marble for us to stick on the wall Temple being built, and the marble can be written prayers or petitions, although in daily use markers and can be lost but a unique way to collect donations.

Big Bee Farm

Big Bee Farm

This is the second time here so here are farm Bee Honey, one thing that should be remembered here I think you are not going out without buying anything here, because of its excellent marketing trick, we will be brought into a room and given an explanation about Honey and bee that exist and the efficacy of its last given some tester. once completed we will be given the option to buy its products. the product cost about a size of 300 grams for 450 baht.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

First beach that we will meet during the City Tour, the beach is very popular among tourists because of the contour of a gently sloping beach and the waves are not too big so a cool place to relax, and also have a unique cafe along the beach.

Karon View Point

Karon View Point

Well the view point of this one is close to Kata Beach and Promthep Cape so the direction to stop for a moment to take a photo, name View Point so it is a fitting place to see the view from a height

Another Side Of Promthep Cape

Another Side Of Promthep Cape

Yes, because this is not Promthep Cape but little else heading there, actually this is a substation of View to Windmills of wind power plant which is owned Phuket, but so new tourist attractions to look Promthep Cape are exposed to it. Nice view from here: D

Promthep Cape

Yup this is typically ending City Tour Phuket because here is the best place to watch the Sunset in Phuket.

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Explore the Beautiful of Paris City


Day 1 – Seine River

That morning we start the road trip via bus to Paris. Pretty much far, fortunately every 2 hours we stopped at a nearby convenience store to buy snacks and go to the restroom. That afternoon we also had a lunch in the food court in one of the small convenience store which we pass. I tried to order steak and my wives prefer only snack, so far the food was the worst meal that we tried during the tour that time, steaks are not in accordance with the level of we asked for, the meat is tough because the chef cook not yet ripe enough and the food ordered by my wife also tasted bland.

The bus arrived at Paris at 5 pm and drizzling at the time. I am quite amazed at beautiful architecture of Paris, building look good, lights, and store display along the way looks very interesting, unfortunately it was traffic jam hours. According to the tour leader Paris was always jammed, where the way small and the people are not orderly on the street, and also so many peopel drive carelessly, almost same situation like Jakarta.

Paris City view

In the afternoon we headed to Seine River cruise. Actually our outfit is not very supportive because our journey is long in the bus so layers of clothing rather thin and consequently wind the night on the ferry make us shiver, but view the night was very good, so far this is the best experience of cruise after trying various cruise in several cities !

The architecture of the city is really beautiful, the bridge connecting the river made in different shapes carved and given a layer of gold, windows, flower on the balconies decorated make the house look gorgeous, not to mention the views of Notredame church, Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower which time it was decorated with white lamp for Christmas. Although already started a runny nose in the wind chill, we remain on the top.

siene river

After finish with the cruise we entrails at a local Thai restaurant, the food is surprisingly tasty! After that we were taken straight to the hotel to rest after a long day journey.

Day 2 – Paris City Tour

The next day, after breakfast we hastily departed from the hotel to the Champ Elysees. That day we accompanied briefly by a local guide who tell the background story of existing buildings in the heart of Paris, unfortunately the English was French accent so somehow difficult to understand. We also given opportunity to take a photo at the Arc de Triomphe, until lunch time, then we are heading to chinese food restaurant that is located far away.

Arc de Triomphe

Finished lunch we headed to the Eiffel Tower which is very crowded by tourist. We try to go up the tower and see Paris from observation deck, but because it was still daylight, the view certainly nothing special. After satisfied take a photo from above and below the Eiffel Tower, we are a little way to the park to be able to shoot the Eiffel from the front. Then, still in the area around Champ Elysees, and stopped to take pictures for a moment in front of the obelisk which purportedly taken by Napoleon for the request of Josephine, His wife from the Egypt.

eiffel observation deck

Since arriving in Paris, I saw other tourist had anxious, they always asking the tour leader when taken to shopping, typical Asian traveler. Now that afternoon they were held, to shopping at perfumes in cosmetics local shop, also go brought to Gallery Lafayette. After all done, we given time for 2 hours to shopping, while almost all of the outlets in the mall is filled with visitors because when it was the holiday season.

According to my wife, the most attractive brand to buy in Paris just LV and Chanel, Longchamp is very cheap here, but the queue was too long and it’s better to pay a little more expensive and bought in other European countries, the most expensive price was only a difference of 20 usd, so we might skip the time to get stamp is used to queue to ask tax refund form, the amount one of approximately 11%. Few tips for who want to buy LV at Lafayette, do not go from the ladies area, try to go to Men existing area on the floor above.

Gallery Lafayette

The crowd was much quieter, and they also want to serve a purchase for ladies items, so dont have to queuing. Once satisfied shopping, some friends admit his suitcase already multiply because of shopping so many things. So we return again to go around and take phoo, the goal is the Louvre museum. In the middle of trip we picked a local tour leader who was apparently an aunty from Dutch who is fluent speaking Indonesian and has been living in Paris. He will be a guide for us going around in the Louvre. We’re so excited, because it has always been curious to see the art collection of the most famous museums in the world.

France museum

Queues entrance to the Louvre a little bit long, we were very lucky are tour participants who already had a reservation ticket, so it just went in. before the event starts, as usual tourist asked to pee. Uniquely restroom at the Louvre model like a vending machine. So we must fill the piggy bank 1 euro hole in the door, the door will unlocked. Once into it, lavatory was squalid, hard to take a walk, because the floor is filled with dirty tissue. Most likely is behavior of Chinese tourists. Because already feel cheated, ordered to pay to use the dirty toilet. Every entrant, some stay in front of the door, the next person to get in can free, passable if there are a dozen turns.

Louvre itself is very spacious and consists of more than 600 chambers. We are very impressed at fresco installed in several rooms with themes that different painting color. We also given chance to admire some vanity items that had been used in Versailles, mirrors, combs, etc. all made of gold.

monalisa painting

600 room obviously not going to finish within 2-3 hours for take a walk, we only concern to explore the most famous to a few items only, including a few Raphael paintings and of course the infamous Monalisa panting belongs to Leonardo da Vinci. Was first seen, these paintings seem spooky, especially because the eyes of the Mona Lisa looks like follow you anywhere, especially after we were treated to a painting by Raphael which tend to be more ‘cheerful’. Know precisely where the eye Monalisa engineering perspective that is who makes this painting is famous because Leonardo was the first person who find this technique. According to my own experience of the Mona Lisa’s, her eyes like a people crying but lips are smilling, just looks creepy. What I regret, dont have the opportunity to take pictures in the existing glass pyramid outside the gallery, cause the bus could not stop carelessly in this area.

That night we were given the option to recharge energy at a hotel or a night out to watch the Lido show. My wife and two of the four people who agree to go watch a cabaret show where the dancers mostly half naked. Fees are charged for a person for the show, plus additional person to rent a taxi. Do not imagine this as a dance show in the style of pole dancing, is more towards art, not kinky. Supposedly attraction similar to Las Vegas, so when already watching there, no need to watch this again, it’s a suggestion that has been watching before.

After getting a table, you’re offered with a choice of champagne or free wine, and we Decide to select a lite champagne. The show we think is little bit boring and we are just curious to want to know how it is, but the songs was still enjoyable, lighting and the stage was very nice. That evening we returned to the hotel after midnight.

Day 3 – Disneyland / Champ Elysees

France Disneyland

That morning my wife woke up with mild migraine, cause lack of sleep and too much to drink champagne last night, a result he became less enjoy the show playing at Disneyland that morning. We saw a lot of cars caravan parked in the area around Disneyland, apparently the area is an RV parking area. The morning temperature ranges from -1 to 0 degrees, and the sky was overcast, but many RV dwellers who confident without washing face yet in the river and also not wearing clothes, wacky, probably Russian tourists.

Champ Elysees

Euro Disney that day relatively quiet when compared to other theme park we’ve ever visited, but when it was the holiday season, perhaps because of the cold. In one corner there is a snack stand selling various lollipops, candies, chocolate and apple caramel.

Boring after take around at Disneyland, we tell the tour leader for an early exit from Disneyland and explore the shops in the area Champ Elysees again. Today was supposed to be offices are closed, but we still see many people dressed in work in the street. The day was very cold, the temperature is only 0 degrees, but until noon the sun is still hidden behind the clouds and the wind was blowing hard, so plan to walk around are failed, eventually we ‘hide’ in McD’s entrails and passengers to pee.

All day we explore this area and having dinner there as well. After dinner we had passed the Hardrock Cafe, but did not have time to stop. Some young tour participants or with small children want to return to Disneyland to enjoy the firework show is special today is scheduled to be fitted with spectacular at midnight – instead of 8 pm, to celebrate the New Year. We own quite unable with the cold air outside, especially at the night -10 plus the wind blow so hard, so we call it a day, all packing back to the hotel to go to Belgium the next day.

So far from dozens of cities already been to visit, Paris is the prettiest town and always make us want to go back again to explore the city, try more French food, and also want go to along the south coast of France is famous for towns such as Montpellier, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, etc. Hopefully one day can be done and that there are plans to explore Europe, and for who certain want to visited Paris, it is indeed a beautiful city for holiday!

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Verona Romantic City in Italy

Have you ever watch a movie “Letters to Juliet” starring by Amanda Seyfried ? Curious about the background and inspiration from Juliet which became the title of the movie? Perhaps you can find in the city of Verona in Italy.

Romeo and Juliet fought each other to get their love. Often she waited on the balcony and waited for Romeo to come.

The love story they have often been the inspiration for musicians world. For example, in addition to the movie Letters to Juliet, there were also sing the song Love Story by Taylor Swift.

Well, it seems the story of Romeo and Juliet’s global appeal, they came from this city. In this city, there is a house said to be the home of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s house is even equipped with a balcony where ordinary often wait.

You are curious and eager to explore Verona which takes 1 hour 22 minutes to reach it from the city of Milan? Well, this time we will discuss it, status reason not mean to make you refused to see Verona the romantic city.

Get to know more about City of Verona

City of veronaVerona is a city located in the Veneto, one of the seven capital cities of the province. Verona city is located in northern Italy. This city is one of the tourist destinations in the Northeast Italy.

The town has many tourist artistic heritage, complete with several annual exhibitions, performances and opera. This place became very famous because it is the first place where William Shakespeare showcase the artwork of Romeo and Juliet.

When compared with other cities that are quite popular and touristry, Venice, Verona, the city tends to be calm and relaxed. How? Are you ready to explore Verona?

Towards Transportation Verona

Route 1: Boarding Towards Verona

International Airport Verona Valerio Catullo Villafranca

Entering Through International Airport Verona Valerio Catullo Villafranca

One route that you can use if you want to enter Verona is by plane route to Verona. Currently, there are several airlines with different types that can bring you from Milan to Verona.

When heading to Verona, you may experience a period of transit for one to two times. City for transit maybe is Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, and Paris. This trip can you travel with a time of 18 hours 55 minutes to 27 hours 5 minutes.

Well, the cost of what you spend if you want to take the flight route ranges from 370 to 750 euros for a one-way.

Route 2: Stepping up the train from Milan

train to verona

If you wish, there are other alternatives route that can you take to reach Verona. First, you can board the aircraft route. Currently, there are many airlines that will mengantarkanmu to Milan.

Arriving in Milan, you will arrive at Malpensa International Airport. The trip to Milan will you travel for varying periods of between 16 hours and 10 minutes to 24 hours with one transit. City may be a for your transit are Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Istanbul and others.

Costs you spend on traveling by plane, it is around 400 to 600 euros. Furthermore, you can continue your journey to get to Milano Centrale.

Length of time you need to reach Verona from Milano Centrale is approximately 1 hour 21 minutes. Costs you need for this trip is around 29 to 35 euros.

Choosing lodging During Located in Verona

If you wish to stay at while in Verona, you can choose to stay at the inn that suit your needs. You can choose to stay at various bed and breakfast, guest house or hotel.

If you choose to stay at various bed and breakfast, you can get a room with a kind of double room. Costs you spend to stay at this type is about 100 euros per night.

Facilities that you get if you stay at this inn are air conditioning, work desk, heating, shower, hair dryer, toiletries, toilet, a private bathroom, flat-screen TV, tea / coffee maker, minibar, and others.

In addition to staying in bed and breakfast, you also have the opportunity to stay at the guest house types. If staying at the guest house type, you can get a room with a kind of quadruple room.

Costs you spend if you want to stay here is 240 euros. Facilities that you get if you want to stay here is the view of the city, telephone, flat-screen TVs, safes, heating, air conditioning, minibar and free wifi.

In addition to staying at the inn with the type of bed and breakfast and guest house, you also have other alternatives to stay at the hotel. If you want to stay at the hotel, you can get a room with a twin room type.

Costs you spend if you want to stay at the inn with a kind of twin room is about 166.08 Euros per night. Facilities that you get if you want to stay at this inn is air-conditioning, private bathroom, telephone, minibar, and free wifi.

The first day

Start your holiday event in Verona

juliet statue

Here’s one of the favorite tourist you must visit when you have the chance to visit Verona. Yes, the tour is visiting the statue Juliet.

Juliet itself is the only daughter of the Capulet wealthy family. The family inhabit the city of Verona. Juliet statue itself was built to perpetuate the existence of Juliet.

Here there is a unique tradition where the tourists try to hold (sorry) Juliet statue right chest. That said, they can say the petition while doing so. Of course, believe or not can be returned to you.

Situated right in front of the statue of Juliet, you can see there is a building that is home Juliet. The building called Casa di Giuletta. There, you can see the balcony that is usually used by Juliet to wait Romeo.

juliet balcony

The house is said to have been built since the 14th century but is now empty and unpopulated back. This house tends always visited by many tourists, whether from Italy or overseas.

On the wall of the house, you can find love letters sent from person to person he loves. The letter usually contains about longing for a lover, the story of unrequited love, or many others.

The tradition of writing love letters have been around for thousands of years ago. Then, every day, a love letter is cleared by the officers who work there. However, the love letters that seemed to constantly come and meet the walls of Juliet’s house.

Relax, because the Verona of course can be enjoyed by you who have a partner, LDR or single. Because not a few people who pray to be reunited with his or her spouse in this place.

Yes, before entering the area of Juliet’s house, before you will find a tunnel with a very big wall. At the wall, you will see a lot of graffiti name a couple here.

juliet wall

By writing the name here, they hoped that his love life would continue to be durable and lasting. Make no mistake, because although the size of these walls tend to be large and tall, but you can see that this wall looks like a canvas filled.

If you are not so eager to write your name and your partner, grab your camera. Do not forget to capture the moment when you see a situation that is recorded with your camera.

Not so far from Juliet’s house, you can see there are houses Romeo who still are in the same area. But unfortunately, when it comes to visit me less fortunate. Romeo house was closed for the day.

romeo house

Once satisfied visited the house Romeo and Juliet is also a symbol of a typical romantic Verona, you can continue your journey with a culinary tasting of typical Italian. Yes, the trip was not complete if you have not tasted the typical Italian cuisine.

On the occasion of that time, I had the opportunity to taste this cuisine right in the area around the home of Romeo and Juliet. Yes, along the road you can find many restaurants selling food by using outdoor tents and shades.

Oh yes, when you’re ordering your food, do not be surprised when you watch yourself served by the waiters were handsome. Indeed, Italy is famous for many good-looking men. That had puzzled me, from start to sweeper, waiter up Italian soccer player is average looking.

In addition to a handsome, they also tend to be friendly so you will be served with a smile plastered on their face. Yes, really exciting is it?

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to taste the lasagna, pizza and spaghetti. According to me, it feels more italian taste than when tasted in the homeland. Pizza Italia itself tends to be thin and served with a big plate for one serving.

As for the taste of lasagna and spaghetti also did not disappoint. When tasting it, you can also feel there are pizza seasoning there. Yes, culinary tours in Italy is really recommended.

The second day

verona arena

Continue Your journey to explore Verona Arena

To continue with your second day trip in the city of Verona, then you can visit Verona Arena. This place was built by the Romans from the first century in the period Agustan.

As with Coliseum in Rome, Verona Arena is also used as an arena to compete. At first the place is used for logistic purposes, but over time, eventually Verona Arena is used as a place to compete.

Arena which still stands today is the result of the displacement of material. This place also had suffered severe damage as a result of the devastating earthquake which occurred at around the 12th century.

Amphiteathre shaped arena is located in the Piazza Bra, Verona. If in ancient times was used as a place to play, then at this moment Piazza Bra used as an opera venue.

Here it is another place you should visit on your chance to visit Verona. Yes, Verona does have a lot of buildings with a classic feel that is able to make you enchanted and as if were back to the past.


Castelvecchio is a castle located in Verona, northern Italy. This place is one of the most important Italian military construction during the first glory. Nowadays, this place has enabled it to be an art museum.

These sites were restored in 1959 and 1973 by an Italian architect named Carlo Scarpa. Almost all the works shown at the art museum was inspired by the architecture of the Romanesque style.

Contained in museum collections include sculpture, sculptures, paintings, weapons, ceramics, miniature and old bell. Sculpture contained in this museum is Cecilia and Catherinea and others.

Painting found here, for example Madonna of the Quaila, Madonna of the Rose Gardena, Madonna with childâa, Madonna and others. Moreover, in this museum there are also many paintings are from the 14th century.

Visited Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe

Once satisfied visited Castelvecchio, you can continue your journey by visiting the Piazza delle Erbe. Here there is a fountain complete with a statue on it. The place is also considered a favorite place that you should go on a chance to visit the city of Verona.

The statue is located just above the fountain is named Madonna Verona. The place is also interesting for you visit at night because at night you can watch the game of lights wonderful here.

In this place, you can also sample a variety of culinary. However, if you do not really want to taste the food, just sightseeing while enjoying the scenery around this place should also be included in the list of activities wisatamu.

The architectural style of the region, this piazza inspired by the style of Renaissance architecture. Well, while enjoying the beautiful architecture, you also can feel closer to local residents Verona itself because here also one of the public places where many people come and spend time Verona.

The third day

Let Exploring Verona Lambertia Tower

verona Lambertia Tower

To start your third day of tourist activities in Verona, you can start by visiting Lambertia Tower. This place is a tower that is located not so far from Piazza delle Erbe.

High tower is approximately 84 meters. To reach the peak, you need about 284 stairs. However, you need not worry because here there is also a lift that you can use to reach the top of the tower.

Do not miss the interesting sights you can see at the top of this tower. Verona city views from an altitude of course you should not miss. Verona offers beautiful scenery and awesome.

Happy traveling!

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10 Parks in Melbourne Interesting To Visit

This time posting is about region of Australia, Melbourne. In addition to Sydney and Perth, Melbourne is also a city most frequented visited by tourists from around the world. Lots of interesting things can be found here while on vacation, Melbourne always offer exciting things to try so sometimes news and had new place for vacation.

This time, it will be little things about the garden tour in Melbourne and need to be visited while vacationing here. There are so many, but for this time are 10 most visited parks that we will discuss.

1. Alexander Gardens
Alexander GardensThe place that has existed since 1904, is located on the south bank of the Yarra river. The park is connected to the Royal Botanic Garden which is characterized by the ranks of palm trees along the road to the Royal Botanic Garden. This place is often used by local people for barbeques during the Christmas, New Year or celebration Moomba. In the park on this one you will find a star-shaped land is a sign of federation of Australia.

2. Batman Park
Batman ParkHearing the name of the place you must immediately pictured a superhero who uses a bat costume. However, the name of the park is not inspired by the superhero character rather than the name of someone who founded Melbourne ie John Batman. The park was established in 1982, with eucalyptus being the major crops can be found here.

3. Conservatory
ConservatoryIf you are a flower lover, you should visit this place. First opened in 1930, the Conservatory was built with the concept of the classic Spanish architecture including the selection of colors in the building. Conservatory has a variety of flowers that bloom of time is different. Well, you need to match with your holiday plans in order not to miss the Melbourne to witness the beauty of the flower blooming. November to February is the time of flowers types of hydrangeas and Fuchias blooming, while February and April turn flower types Begonia and Glixinias blooming beautifully, from April to July is the time for tropical flowers and poinsettia bloom, followed in July to September cinerarias and cyclamen flowers and the last in September to November is schizantus and Calceolaria flowers. Conservatory Visiting from Monday-Sunday starting at 9am and 5pm.

4. Enterprize Park
Enterprize ParkThis park has a history of this quite interesting, since the park was built to commemorate the first ship landed at enterprize mainland and eventually build settlements precisely on 30 August 1835. Currently enterprize garden used as a place for Scar Project. Traditionally used to be, people take the wood that is in place is to be made into a canoe, Tamen or pram. Besides wood also serves as a marker or user to another tribe found in the place is the area belongs to a tribe so they can be careful. When now these trees is not very meaningful, but for Aboriginal trees in this place is very precious.

5. Queen Victoria Garden
Queen Victoria GardenVisiting this park, you will find a monument made for Queen Victoria and King Edward VII in accordance with the name of this park. The most famous of these parks is the floral clock and also a beautiful ornamental pond. You would be happy to take a lot of beautiful moments in this park. not far from the monument of Queen Victoria and king Edward also you can see an array of beautiful flowers and also some sculptures that have historical value.

6. The Royal Botanic Garden
The Royal Botanic GardenRoyal botanic garden located in Melbourne is a center of conservation, science and horticulture and it is important to visit and increase knowledge. But this place is also one recreational paradise for the beauty that is presented in this place. garden area of 36 hectares founded in 1846 has more than 50,000 kinds of plants from around the world including the types of plants that are rare and endangered. Known as one of the best parks in the world in the era of Queen Victoria, the Royal Botanic Garden then often used as a place to hold the wedding and also the most chosen place for sightseeing and picnic. There is another one of the places in the area The Royal Botanic Garden is very well known, particularly to children. The venue is The Ian Potter Foundation children Garden, this place provides a lot of amenities that will help children learn and know more about nature. Children can play on an artificial gardens, rice paddies, bamboo forests, canyons, tunnels and many other plants. Besides that there are no less interesting that the royal botanoc garden is a national herbarium and tropical greenhouse. With the number of visitors who are always plenty of each year, the royal botanical garden is also equipped with facilities that allow you to walk around to enjoy this place, even the guides are provided as well. The place is also have cafe and garden store.

7. Shrine Of Remembrance
Shrine Of RemembranceThis place is a civic monument that holds a lot of memories in it. An area of 13 hectares has so many interesting things that make a lot of tourists attracted to come here. Many trees were very guarded memorial here, you will also find a garden ladies, and a few sculptures, each of which has a historical value. Visiting hours every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

8. Yarra Park
Yarra ParkA region that was first in the set as a park in 1856 was originally known as the Paddock Richmon then in 1958 for the first time this park use as a venue for football matches. When this became known as yarra Park and is the center of Melbourne and also sports entertainment. Because it is a sports center in Melbourne, then you will find some of the sculptures sports stars such as Don Bradman cricket athlete Ron Barassi soccer players and other athletes. This park has a road that connect directly with road punt and Swan Street. In this park you will also find some trees whose skin was torn as a result of taking the skins of wood by previous rate used as a maker of Kano.

9. Parliament Garden
Parliament GardenNamed parliament garden, because the garden which is located overlooking the parliament building, and also the eastern hills and St.Patrick cathedral. The most interesting of these is the sculpture garden pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys which are the two most famous indigenous leaders and an indigenous stakeholders in his time. A leisurely walk in the park is very cool because surrounded by trees, plus you can play a little bit of water in the fountain coles.

10. City Square
City SquareOne nice place to just sit back and relax, city square can be regarded as the town square Melbourne. The place is still used as a place to hold many festivals, plus the surrounding with a several cafes. Walk around and you will find a monument to burke & Wills and Larry La Trobe dog sculptures that have historic value.

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